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Multi-lingual Media Work

Being multi-lingual is a common experience in the world today and media in particular must meet the challenge of transporting content in a number of languages simultaneously, whilst also providing platforms on which other languages can be made both audible and comprehensible. It is the media’s job to give these other languages openings, free them from their ghettos and so allow others to discover ways into the cultural worlds which are conveyed by their languages. Enjoyable and creative modules offer ways of putting all this into practice. Current projects and practical examples are presented. The modules contain concrete working instructions and ideas for follow-on activities of your own. You will find plenty of models you will want to try out yourself. This unit is only available in German, which is why this leads you straight through to the German web pages. If you wish to continue surfing in the English section, then you need to click on “English” at the top left-hand side of this page.

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