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Multi-media material on "Sold Out!" - a documentary
The teaching materials based around the documentary "Sold Out!" use a
variety of media and are all centred around the subjects of emigration,
racism and human rights.

Youth Culture
Hip-hop, break dance, graffiti and DJ-ing are recognised internationally nowadays. Here you will learn something about the origins and development of the various movements.

Media Education in Austria
The Austrian media-education landscape ranges from study programmes, further education courses and institutions, clubs which provide help in learning the practicalities of media work in radio, with video cameras or computers, to e-learning initiatives.

Radio Broadcasting in Austria
“media wien” is organised by the state schools’ media education departments of the city of Vienna. One of the focal points of “media wien” is hands-on radio broadcasting work with young people who are attending school. Their work will be documented here.

The Youth Film Scene in Austria
Festivals with special films, workshops to learn about cinematography, award-winning films – all aimed at young people. If you can’t find anything to interest you here, then you’re not really looking!

Young People and Media in France
“Les jeunes et les média” is a report from France on the way young people there use media. The unit consists of the film “Questions de jeunes” plus extra material such as lists of links, bibliographies and addresses, all to do with the subject of young people and media.

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